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Re: DIp <mIw>

'ISqu' wrote:

>chay' DIp <mIw> lo' MO?

{mIw}  "procedure, process TKD; step, stage (in a process) KGT

   'oy'naQ DaQeqDI' mIw wa'DIch Data', 'ach 'oy'naQ Dachu'DI' mIw paghDIch 
   When you aim the painstik, you accomplish the first step, but when you turn
   the painstik on, you accomplish the zeroth step. KGT

"The implication here is that activating the painstik must be done before 
beginning the ritualistic part of the ceremony." (KGT p.177)

   'oy'naQ Dachu'Ha'DI' mIw HochDIch Data'
   When you turn the painstik off, you accomplish the last step." KGT

FYI: Many people on this list use *{De'wI' mIw} for a "computer program" 
(the verb is {ghun} "program (a computer)") and I've also seen *{Hung mIw} 
used for "security protocol".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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