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RE: KLBC: Paul Simon

lab DloraH:

>  > QoQ Qat qontaH 'ej muchtaH.
>  > He sings and composes pop music.
>I don't think the -taH is right here.  He may have been doing it for years,
>but he does sleep and eat, etc.

everything has it's "pulsing" rhythm (-> /rut/ ?). it's important 
that that rhythm isn't interrupted (-> /-taH/ ?).
for example, when i write this e-mail, i write it continiously, even 
if i from time to time watch the clock or scratch my head.

>  > <bIQmey Senglu'moHpu' Dung meH'e'> <tamghach wab> je qonta'.
>>  He composed 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' and
>>  'The Sound of Silence'.
>meH is the bridge of a ship, that room where the captain sits in his chair
>and tells everyone what to do.  We don't have a word for the other kind of
>bridge that connects two separated areas.

can we say "street over troubled water"?
how do we say "street"/"road"/"path"/"way"?

/'och/? /rav/? /chob/?

>  > waghqu' *concert*vamDaq quSmey.
>  > The seats [tickets] at this concert are very expensive.
>What's being expensive?  The "seats at the concert"?  Nouns with a type 5
>suffix can't modify a noun; so as a locative it should go before the verb.

is it because a word ending in "-Daq" acts like a header?


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