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RE: KLBC: Paul Simon

> cha'leS ram *Paul Simon* jIQoy.
> The night after next I will listen to Paul Simon.

Verb prefix doesn't show an object.

> bomwI' Dun ghaH.
> He is a great singer.


> QoQ Qat qontaH 'ej muchtaH.
> He sings and composes pop music.

I don't think the -taH is right here.  He may have been doing it for years,
but he does sleep and eat, etc.

> <bIQmey Senglu'moHpu' Dung meH'e'> <tamghach wab> je qonta'.
> He composed 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' and
> 'The Sound of Silence'.

meH is the bridge of a ship, that room where the captain sits in his chair
and tells everyone what to do.  We don't have a word for the other kind of
bridge that connects two separated areas.

> chorgh ben *Paul Simon*vaD jIngotlhchoH.


> *Summer pops*Daq bom.
> He will sing at the Summer Pops.


> *Liverpool*Daq vIDabchugh *concert* nI' 'oHvam.
> This is a long concert in Liverpool, where I live.

I believe you intended -bogh instead of -chugh.

Outside of the classroom I probably would understand and accept this
sentence, but as BG I would say play it safe and use two sentences.

If 'oH is acting as the verb, can it still take noun suffixes?  I think it
needs to choose; pretend to be a verb or pretend to be a noun.

... much nI' 'oH wanI'vam.

> *concert*vamDaq much muchwI'pu' law',
> Many artists perform at this concert,


> 'egh neH *Paul Simon* jIbej.
> but I am only watching Paul Simon.

'egh as a word is the third note in the musical scale.
'ach is "but".

neH as "merely, only" follows the noun or verb it is modifying.

Verb prefix doesn't show an object.

'ach Paul Simon neH vIbej.

> waghqu' *concert*vamDaq quSmey.
> The seats [tickets] at this concert are very expensive.

What's being expensive?  The "seats at the concert"?  Nouns with a type 5
suffix can't modify a noun; so as a locative it should go before the verb.

concertvamDaq waghqu' quSmey.
"At this concert, seats are very expensive."

Or we can drop the -Daq and turn it into a noun-noun.

waghqu' concertvam quSmey.
"This concert's seats are very expensive."

> vItIv 'e' vItul.
> I hope I enjoy it. [I was thinking of
> putting vItIvjaj. Would this have been better?]

Both work.  The difference of the two is the same as the english.  It
depends what you want to say.


DloraH, BG

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