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KLBC: Paul Simon

cha'leS ram *Paul Simon* jIQoy. bomwI' Dun ghaH. QoQ Qat qontaH 'ej muchtaH. 
<bIQmey Senglu'moHpu' Dung meH'e'> <tamghach wab> je qonta'. chorgh ben *Paul 
Simon*vaD jIngotlhchoH.
*Summer pops*Daq bom. *Liverpool*Daq vIDabchugh *concert* nI' 'oHvam. 
*concert*vamDaq much muchwI'pu' law', 'egh neH *Paul Simon* jIbej.
waghqu' *concert*vamDaq quSmey. vItIv 'e' vItul.

The night after next I will listen to Paul Simon. He is a great singer. He sings and 
composes pop music. He composed 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' and 'The Sound of 
He will sing at the Summer Pops. This is a long concert in Liverpool, where I live. [I don't 
mean it goes on for hours, I mean it is spread over several weeks, with an artist per night.] 
Many artists perform at this concert, but I am only watching Paul Simon.
The seats [tickets] at this concert are very expensive. I hope I enjoy it. [I was thinking of 
putting vItIvjaj. Would this have been better?]

Sulu' wa'
'u'wIj vuSmey Del HolwIj vuSmey
 - Ludwig Wittgenstein (almost)

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