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qep'a'Daq vIqeSlu' vIneH

qaSpu'DI' qep'a' qepHom vIchenchoHmoH
qep'a'vaD poHmey nablu'pu' 'e' vISov
'ach chuvchugh poH wanI' vIchup
chaq qepHom luchenmoH luneHbogh ghotpu''e' qeS qepHom luchenmoHpu'bogh

Once the qep'a' is over, I will begin to organize a qepHom.
I know that the qep'a' schedule has already been planned.
But if any time remains, I have an idea.
Perhaps those that have organized a qepHom can advise those that want to
organize a qepHom.


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