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Re: jIghungHa'

From: "Eric Andeen" <>
> Quvar:
> > tlhoy jISopchugh, vaj jIghungHa'.
> >   When I've eaten too much, then I'm filled.
> Not quite. In the article where Okrand introduces <tlhoy>, he also
> introduces <'Iq>, and that's what you want here. <Soj 'Iq jISopchugh, vaj
> jIghungHa'. chaq jIropchoH je.> <tlhoy jISop> isn't quite the same thing -
> it means something more like "I eat all the time".


(adv) overly, to an excessive degree, excessively, too much


tlhoy jISopchugh
If I've eaten too much
If I've eaten excessively

Looks like he used the word correctly.

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