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Re: wot <tatlh>

'ISqu' wrote:
>wot <tatlh> vIyajchu'be'. jIqeqmeH 'op mu'tlhegh vIghItlh. mujchugh 
>mu'tlheghmey tIlughmoH.
>1/ paq vIngIp. vIlaDta'DI' vItatlh.
>   [I borrowed/will borrow a book.
>    As soon as I read/have read it I will return it.]
>2/ jupwI'vo' paq vIngIp. vIlaDta'DI' ghaHvaD vItatlh.
>   [I borrowed/will borrow a book from my friend.
>    As soon as I read it I will return it to her.]
>3/ yaHwIjDaq jItatlh'eghnIS.
>   [I need to return to my duty station]

<tatlh> Dayajchu' 'e' vISov.  Note that No. 3 could also be translated as 
{yaHwIj vIcheghnIS}.

{tatlh} "return (something)" was introduced by Okrand on startrek.klingon 
(July 1999):

   A different verb, {tatlh}, is used for "return" in the sense of returning
   a library book or returning a weapon to the weapons rack. If someone
   were to say something like "I return the plate to the table," the
   appropriate verb would be {tatlh}: {raSDaq jengva' vItatlh} "I return the
   plate to the table." ... Though not common, it is also possible to use
   {tatlh} with the reflexive suffix {-'egh} ("do something to oneself") to
   convey a meaning similar to that of {chegh}: {pa'Daq jItatlh'egh} "I return
   to the room" ... The {tatlh'egh} form seems to suggest that the doer of the
   action is forcing himself/herself to do something, perhaps because it is
   difficult or not desirable.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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