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Re: the banned book / BG

> > >...QaQ Hotbogh nuH'e' vIyaj...
> > >
> > >How can I add detail to the concept of 'feel', like describing good
> > >heft or balance?
> We have {ngaD} "be stable, be balanced" and {ngaDHa'} "be unstable, be
> unbalanced":
>    ngaDchu' nuH'e':  tISqu'be' qoj 'ughqu'be'.
>    The weapon is perfectly balanced: neither too light nor too heavy.
> You could also use the adverbial {tlhoy} "overly, to an excessive degree, 
> excessively, too much" here - {tlhoy tISbe' qoj tlhoy 'ughbe'} - but I
> think {-qu'} works just fine.

I don't like the "or" implied in either sentence.  With qoj, the "and" part 
says it meets both requirements, and is a good weapon.  The "or" part means one 
of those requirements might not be met, and so it might not be a good weapon.

I think 'ej would be better.


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