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Re: the banned book / BG

> >...QaQ Hotbogh nuH'e' vIyaj...
> >
> >How can I add detail to the concept of 'feel', like describing good heft or
> >balance?

We have {ngaD} "be stable, be balanced" and {ngaDHa'} "be unstable, be 

   ngaDchu' nuH'e':  tISqu'be' qoj 'ughqu'be'.
   The weapon is perfectly balanced: neither too light nor too heavy.

You could also use the adverbial {tlhoy} "overly, to an excessive degree, 
excessively, too much" here - {tlhoy tISbe' qoj tlhoy 'ughbe'} - but I 
think {-qu'} works just fine.

Another way is to use the quality {vaQ} which is used to describe weapons:

   A weapon that is particularly good, that is well designed and well
   constructed, is normally described as {vaQ} ["be effective, be
   vigorous"]. Thus, a {taj vaQ} is a meticulously made knife and a
   {ghanjaq vaQ} is an especially nice mace. In speaking about a fine
   weapon, one could compliment it even further by adding the emphatic
   {-qu'} to {vaQ}. A really spectacular bat'leth would be a {betleH
   vaQqu'}. The word {vaQ} is not often used in describing the newer
   weapons (disruptors and the like), though such locutions are heard
   from time to time." (KGT p.67)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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