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Re: grammar questions

TKW p.. 125:

: yInlu' 'e' bajnISlu'
: yay chavlu' 'e' bajnISlu'

naDev cha'logh mojaq {-lu'} lo'lu'.
mu'tlhegh wa'DIchDaq mojaq {-lu'} tu'lu':

    yIn*lu'* ....
    yay chav*lu'* ....

mu'tlhegh cha'DIchDaq mojaqvam tu'lu' je:

   .... 'e' bajnIS*lu'*
   .... 'e' bajnIS*lu'*

chaq mu'tlhegh wa'DIchDaq mojaq {-lu'} tu'lu'chugh
{net X} lo'be'lu'. {'e' X-lu'} lo'(nIS)lu'.

Perhaps the structure {'e' X-lu'} is preferred (required?)
if {lu'} appears in the first sentence of the SAO construction.


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