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tlhIngan Hol pongmey

my own name in klingon is lay'tel SIvten.  it's composed of ordinary klingon 
words that resemble parts of my name (Steven Lytle).  the words themselves 
don't mean much when they are together, but they express a generally positive 
outlook (promise-wing wonder-embark).  i reversed the order to be more 
logical, having the general before the specific.

lay'tel SIvten 'oH tlhIngan Hol pongwIj'e'.  tlhIngan Hol mu'mey le'be' bIH 
pongwIj 'ay''e'.  Steven Lytle 'oH DIvI' Hol pongwIj'e'.  DIvI' Hol pongwIj 
rur tlhIngan Hol pongwIj.  jItul 'e' 'oS pongwIj 'ay'mey. 
lay'tel 'oH tuqwIj pong'e'.  SIvten 'oH pongwIjqu''e'.  tuq pong, ngugh pong 
latlh.  vaj vImaS.

lay'tel SIvten

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