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Re: "startrek" tlhIngan Quj

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From: "SIqar" <>
> Does anyone know how to get the Star Trek Klingon game to work with
> Windows XP?

I tried everything possible that I know of and was unable to run the
immersion studies program on WinXP. I did e-mail Simon & Schuster's Tech
support for advise on this. I will pass along any information they may
provide. I was able to run the Lang. Lab by doing the following;

Install the game normally. Find the .exe file for the Lang. Lab in windows
explorer. Right click on the .exe file and click on properties. Then click
the third tab which should say "compatibility" on the new message box that
will open. You can set up the parameters for the game there. I suggest using
it in WIN95 mode, click apply, and ok. Make sure you have CD3 in and run the
Lang. Lab.

This contains settings for all previous versions of windows and even graphic
settings for programs created prior to Win98 to run in a compatibility mode
instead of running it through WinXP normally. This should work with most
programs, though you may have to adjust the settings a few times through
trial and error to make sure you get the settings correctly in the right
compatibility mode. I would suggest attempting to start the program in the
highest windows version mode possible and testing your way down the
different versions till the program run correctly.

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From: "Quvar valer" <>
> SKI:  Since I have Windows Me I can't use "the technical manual" and
"omnipedia" anymore, it did work on
> Win95.

ST:Klingon CD1\VFW11EA contains the old windows drivers for them to work.
The newer NT-based windows operating systems don't use these drivers anymore
and that's why they wouldn't work on WinME.

May glory and honor be with you. Qapla'!

Bat'leth HoD
I.K.V. NaS'Leng
Black Wraith Squadron
Klingon Defense Force

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