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RE: "startrek" tlhIngan Quj

CD3 qay'be'

I've got no real problem running CD 3. (just runs in a kind of window in
the upper left corner of the monitor. Like it couldn't get full screen

The problem I have is the game CD's 1 and 2. the game starts and then
get an error about memory location 3747684:48474 (not those numbers)
blah blah and click to get rid of error screen {{:-(

I have tried VMWARE 3.0 running in Windows XP (with guest O/S Win98)
but the sound just echo's and repeats and is impossible to play. I've
got a P4 512 Meg system so I've got enough resources.
if anyone has vmware for linux  he he ;-)

I do have another system (PII 350M H/Z, without sound card installed-
I'm lazy) with Linux on.

I'll have to think about Duel booting my good P4 system or my PII system
(and install a sound card) 

KLBG:  pagh nunapchu'  {nothing is clearly simple for us) 

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