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Re: tar lungHom Quch

>    As regards your smart-arsed comment about Klingon letters' being
> pronounced as they are spelled, I can instruct you on several instances
> of Klingon in which this is not the case, if you wish.

You didn't ask for instruction; you asked if anyone wanted to pronounce your 
name.  I can pronounce it.
Since you can instruct me on klingon, apparently you already know how to 
pronounce your own name.

tar - like english tar; that black, sticky stuff.

lung - like loong; like in the word "saloon", with an ending like in "song".

Hom - like english "home", but the H is harsh and raspy like the ending of the 
german composer Bach.

Quch - like kooch; but the Q is a harsh, choking like sound from the throat.

I'm not sure why you responded using this other message:

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DloraH, BG

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