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Re: romanization

mughtaHvIS qon Stephan Schneider:

> > Ghaytan niv degh dupvam, 
> likely this strategy superior symbols, 

"Degh Dupvam" is N-N. So, "This strategy of symbols is likely superior."

> > Bong latlh pat kawlu'di', pij degh lughbe' lo'la'.
> by accident as one remembers an additional system, often one can use
> *not to be right* symbol.

latlh = other
lughbe' = wrong
So, "When one accidentally remembers the other system, one can write the 
wrong symbol."

> always when i go on using the klingon language i use '7'.

I see you are enjoying my Klingon. :) I always aim for "good" Klingon, but 
I'm finding that people's opinions of what good Klingon is vary wildly. I 
endeavor to use words closest to the way I think Okrand uses them, but there 
will always be this continual problem of individual interpretations. Ah well, 
it'll all sort itself out in time. We're all a learning bunch.

> (i prefer the usual system in order to respect *lurDegh*.

Uhh, that's lurDech, tradition.

Tradition!!!!! ;)

Andrew Strader

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