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RE: RE: word-question

> >tlhIngan Hol wot law' tu'lu'
> >"There are many klingon language verbs."
> >"There are many verbs of the language of klingons."
> "many verb of language of klingon finds someone indefinite." ;)

I'm sure we can come up with bad sounding english even for Okrand's

> but... you can say: "you honorably walk into the zone", why you can't
> say: "you dangerously walk into the zone".

We have an adverbial for "honorably".
We do not have an adverbial for "dangerously".

> is there a way to make "danger" an adverb?

Only if Okrand happens to find out that there is one.
But what does it mean to "dangerously walk".  That's not the same as walking
through a potentially harmful environment.  It sounds like you're walking
around with scissors pointing at your belly.  (I admit I'm not familiar with
this film.)

DloraH, BG

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