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Re: Terrorist - HighwI'

>From: "Stephan Schneider" <>
>>  >ram ngoQ.  SuvwI'vamvaD ponglu'meH QaQlaw' <ghobmeH ghIjwI'>.
>>  SuvwI'vamvaD - for this warrior
>>  ponglu'meH - in order to be called
>>  QaQlaw' - apparently good
>>  <> - terrorist
>>  *an apparently good terrorist in order to be called for this warrior.*
>>  i cannot parse this frase better. do you mean that these terrorists
>>  want be called warriors, and that's why they wage a war?
>The verb /pong/ has been used by Okrand, in such a way as to suggest that
>the object of /pong/ is the name, not the thing that the name is applied to.
>(Not that it might not also include that, but I don't know.)  The example is
>/'oHvaD juHqo' ponglu'/ "It is called the homeworld."  The thing which
>"receives" the name is the beneficiary, and thus takes /-vaD/.

maj. qatlho'.


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