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Re: Terrorist - HighwI'

>From: "Stephan Schneider" <>
>>  >From: "SuSvaj" <>
>>  >>  They are merely wageing war on a foriegn power useing terrorist
>>  >  > Maybe /ghobmeH ghIjwI'/ would be better.
>>  >
>>  >maj.  vIparHa'.
>>  'ach veSvam Qeq 'oH nuq'e'.
>>  (but what is the aim of this war?)
>/Qeq/ "aim" is a verb, not a noun, so you can't use it as a noun.  How about
>'ach nuq 'oH veSvam ngoQ'e'?
>But what is the goal of this warfare?
>I don't know whether you meant /veS/ "the concept of warfare" or /noH/ "a
>particular war."

yes, sorry, i didn't mean warfare but war.

>ram ngoQ.  SuvwI'vamvaD ponglu'meH QaQlaw' <ghobmeH ghIjwI'>.

SuvwI'vamvaD - for this warrior
ponglu'meH - in order to be called
QaQlaw' - apparently good
<> - terrorist

*an apparently good terrorist in order to be called for this warrior.*

i cannot parse this frase better. do you mean that these terrorists 
want be called warriors, and that's why they wage a war? well, this, 
or somethings similar, might be the aim of the single human beings, 
that have been instrumentalized via their religion, values and stuff 
(let's say "ignorance"), but there's always someone who pulls the 
strings and instrumentalizes the people in order to achieve something 
in economy, politics and stuff (let's say "convenience"). what's the 
convenience of this war (which is, obviously, the inconvencience of 
the peoples)? who's making the profit?

che'ronDaq High 'Iv?
(who's fighting dirty on the battlefield?)


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