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RE: Ten Commandments

> grammar: <vavwI'> has no <'e'> (like in the other sentences when you
> use a pronoun as a verb). i would agree with this usage. (but) the
> tkd (6.3) says:
> puqpu' chaH qama'pu''e' - the prisoners are children.
> "these sentences could be also translated this way: concerning the
> prisoners, they are children." (retranslated from german to english)
> but if <chaH> means "they are" (so, "they are theying"), then i have
> finished; there is no need for the syntactical sugar <'e'>, is there?
> puqpu' chaH qama'pu' - the prisoners are theying children. / the
> prisonars are children.

TKD 6.3 (p68) also says "If the subject is a noun, it follows the
third-person pronoun (ghaH {he/she}, 'oH {it}, chaH {they}, bIH {they}) and
takes the -'e' topic suffix."

-'e' goes on the noun simply because MO said it does.

DloraH, BG

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