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RE: romanization

Not only would changing this be confusing to those just learning the
language, but in my opinion the system that's in place is just fine.
It's no harder than typing anything else once you get used to it.  And
the capitalization of certain letters and the groupings are logical and
PRONOUNCABLE.  Even if you don't know the exact phonetics you can
somewhat understand what someone is saying if they pronounce using
English-like sounds.  (After all, the language was created for
English-speaking actors and most of us studying it [I would guess] have
English as our primary language, so this does make sense.)  Perhaps in
the previous example, the person is just from the 'hinterlands' or is
uneducated in the correct dialect, but the words are BASICALLY the same.

And back to the WRITING aspect... yes it's a little difficult to
remember to capitalize ALL /I/'s, /H/'s etc., but once you've written a
few things (even short ones) in the language it seems to come relatively
easily (at least to me).

My 2 cents worth, and my vote:  NO on changing romanization method.  Not
that it matters because MO is the only one who could "officially" change

FYI: On a related subject, we use English punctuation for the most part,
and that works great, for the previously mentioned reasons... I also
tend to use the following conventions:
--I surround English words in Klingon statements and Klingon words in
English statements with slashes (/) instead of quotes or something else
to make them stand out.
--I surround proper names that are not in translated in asterisks (*).

This is a technique that I've picked up both from other users of the
list and on my own to make things more "readable".

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> From: Gábor Lénárt [] 
> Sent: Monday, July 08, 2002 10:49
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> Subject: Re: romanization
> On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 02:06:10PM +0000, Sangqar (Sean Healy) wrote:
> > >>once i had the same idea. when i began to compile my vocabulary 
> > >>list, i used this alphabet, in order to avoid the shift key:
> > >
> > >Interestingly, the system that I devised is very similar 
> to the one 
> > >you devised.
> > 
> > At this point switching systems would put us in the same position as
> > Chinese speakers during the switch from Wade-Giles to 
> Pinyin for their 
> > romanization. Things would be extremely confusing for quite 
> a long time.  
> Ehhm. I'm VERY new here, but even at the stage of my learning 
> it would be VERY confusing to make such change. It's like 
> change for example 'y' to 'Q' in English at this point, right 
> now. I DO NOT think that my opinion is count, _but_ imho it's 
> important to hear me, because actually I'm trying to learn 
> this language ...
> - Gábor

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