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HoHnISpu' (was RE: Ten Commandments

qon Sangqar:
>Hopefully, the fact that the verbs are the same in both sentences makes it a 
>little more clear.

toH. jIyajchoHpu'. mISqu'moHlaHba' poH perbe'bogh Hol 'ach rIntaHghach neH 

I missed a couple years worth of HolQeD's, so maybe I am just lacking some 
new information, but I have been seeing *many* instances of copular 
constructions (e.g. "X 'oH/ghaH/bIH/chaH [Y'e']", where X and Y are noun 
phrases; cf. TKD 6.3) on the listserv without the -'e' on the subject. What 
exactly happened while I was gone? Is the -'e' no longer necessary there?

Andrew Strader

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