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Re: invention and innovation - tulwI' Hol

>qon DloraH:
>>Because what we're writing is only the phonetic representation of spoken
>>klingon, the ? can be optional, since it is the question word/suffix that
>>the sentence a question.
>And as a phonetic representation, it seems to have been chosen with
>absolutely no regard for the typist. :) Does anyone else get bugged by
>constantly hitting the shift key? At least with pIqaD characters, you don't
>need to hit shift at all, and there are fewer characters overall, the
>digraphs and trigraph being mapped to single symbols. Too bad pIqaD is not so
>easy to type or dislay in most mail programs.
>There are romanized representations of tlhIngan Hol that would be both easier
>to type and more aesthetically pleasing. What would happen if we started
>using a different one?

once i had the same idea. when i began to compile my vocabulary list, 
i used this alphabet, in order to avoid the shift key:

first, unshift these:

D -> d
S -> s
I -> i
H -> h

Qatlhqu' tlhIngan Hol -> Qatlhqu' tlhingan hol

second, i wanted to change Q to k:

Q -> k

Qatlhqu' tlhIngan Hol -> katlhqu' tlhingan hol

but in the end i found that there could be a little problem with "H" and "ng".

lengHom = little trip
lenghom = group of breaks

(probably there could be found examples with a little bit more of sence.)

i thought to change "H" in an other letter: x

H -> h -> x

Qatlhqu' tlhIngan Hol -> katlhqu' tlhingan xol

the other letters could be changed to something different, too. but 
they are beautiful enough, aren't they?

ng, gh, tlh, ch

but these letters aren't used yet: c f g y z


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