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Re: invention and innovation - tulwI' Hol

>  > >using {-chu'} "perfectly":
>>  >
>>  >{lut DaghItlhchu'. majQa'.}
>>  >"You wrote the story perfectly. Well done!"
>>  so "the story is written perfectly" i say:
>>  lut ghItlhchu'lu'.
>It depends on what you mean.
>This implies that it is well written in that there are no 
>typographical errors,
>all your punctuation is correct, etc.
>ghItlh is making the marks on the paper.
>qon "compose" is what the author of a great opera does.
>gher is when you write out a simple to-do list, or your grocery list, etc.

i see. anyway, in the first place i wanted to say: the story is told 
well; or something like that. so i'd say:

lutvam ja'lu'chu'.
(this story has been told well.)


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