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Re: invention and innovation - tulwI' Hol

qon DloraH:
>Because what we're writing is only the phonetic representation of spoken 
>klingon, the ? can be optional, since it is the question word/suffix that 
>the sentence a question.

And as a phonetic representation, it seems to have been chosen with 
absolutely no regard for the typist. :) Does anyone else get bugged by 
constantly hitting the shift key? At least with pIqaD characters, you don't 
need to hit shift at all, and there are fewer characters overall, the 
digraphs and trigraph being mapped to single symbols. Too bad pIqaD is not so 
easy to type or dislay in most mail programs.

There are romanized representations of tlhIngan Hol that would be both easier 
to type and more aesthetically pleasing. What would happen if we started 
using a different one?

Andrew Strader

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