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Re: invention and innovation - tulwI' Hol

>qon DloraH:
>>Because what we're writing is only the phonetic representation of spoken 
>>klingon, the ? can be optional, since it 
Just like using a period on the end of a phrase.
Some people write one sentence one line.

so instead of
  jIpaw. jIbej. jIchargh.
they would write

Am 05.07.2002 23:36:11, schrieb Andrew Strader <>:
>And as a phonetic representation, it seems to have been chosen with 
>absolutely no regard for the typist. :) Does anyone else get bugged by 
>constantly hitting the shift key? At least with pIqaD characters, you don't 

I usually write so fast, and one finger just sticks on the shift key. But it never bothers me. Probably 
because German-typing are more used to it. Every noun in german is capitalized, even some pronouns. Maybe 
not as many as in Klingon, but I got used to use the shift key.


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