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RE: Ten Commandments

>vaj rapbe' SuvwI' mang je.
>(so a soldier and a warrior are not the same thing.)
>vaj, nuq 'oS mang.
>(so what does a soldier do?)
>vaj, qatlh HeHmoHwI' chotwI' je rapbe'.
>(so why killing and murdering isn't the same thing?)

mang jIHbe', 'ach mang 'oHpu' vavwI, cha' vavnI'wI' je, 'ej HoHnIS.  (mang 
'oH be'nI'wI' je, 'ach not HoHnIS ghaH.)

qaStaHvIS veS, rut HoHnIS mang.  HoH mang ra'lu'mo'.  HoH mang juHDaj 
HubmeH.  HoH mang qorDu'Daj QanmeH.

qaSbe'taHvIS veS HoH chotwI'.  HoH chotwI' neHmo'.  HoH chotwI' HeSDaj 
So'meH. HoH chotwI' Qan'eghmeH.

pIm ghu'meyvetlh 'e' DatlhojlaHbe'chugh, vaj maQochnIS.  'ach <chotwI'> 
'oSbe'qu' <mang>.  (rut chotwI' 'oHlaH mang, 'ach chotwI' oHbe' mang 

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