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Re: invention and innovation - tulwI' Hol

> > lut ghItlhchu'lu'.
> It depends on what you mean.

lut ghItlhlu'chu'.

For some reason, the Type 6 verb suffixes seem to be among the easiest to

/ghItlh/ is a strange verb, and I'm not referring to the fact that it
doesn't mean everything that English "write" means.  It has three different
listings by Okrand:

write (v)

engrave, encise, mark (v)

HolQeD Vol. 2, No. 4
mark (upon) (v)

Apparently, you can /ghItlh/ a manuscript or a plaque, etc.  Can you
/ghItlh/ words?  The third definition suggests that the thing you /ghItlh/
is the thing which is written, etc. upon, rather than the actual words or
marks you make.  I've always been curious whether Okrand meant this as a
clarification, an expansion, or a replacement for the original listing of
/ghItlh/ in TKD.

Stardate 2510.3

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