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Re: how to learn Klingon without books

Gábor asks:

>Please give me some advice to learn Klingon (unfortunately we're quite poor 
>here in Hungary to order books for several dozens of dollars or such).

It might be very difficult to learn Klingon without buying at least "The 
Klingon Dictionary". A serious learner will also need "Klingon for the 
Galactic Traveller" and the two tapes:
"Power Klingon" and "Conversational Klingon".

Qov says:

>If you are willing to invest the number of hours of your life that learning 
>Klingon entails, you should be able to come up with a few bucks for the 
>book.  You can, after all afford internet access.  That would buy you at 
>least two books a month here.

I'm not sure how useful this advice really is to someone living in Hungary. 
I live in Poland and for me learning Klingon has been a VERY expensive 
hobby. Ordering stuff from abroad often means having to pay double because 
postage and packaging can cost a lot. Buying things second-hand is not an 
option because the sellers refuse to send their merchandise here. What 
really helps me is:
- Having two jobs hence earning more money than most people in my
- Being single and childless hence having fewer financial obligations
- Having a credit card
- Being determined .... Correction: Being nuts. {{;-)

Good luck, Gábor! If you want it badly enough you will find a way to learn 


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