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Re: Who is Maltz?

>Stephan wrote:
>>if Maltz knows... who is Maltz, by the way?
>>DaSovbe''a'??  mu'ghom nIv yIlaD!  TKD p.12:
>>"Finally, a great deal of credit must be given to the Klingon 
>>informant who provided all of the data upon the Dictionary is 
>>based. Although a prisoner of the Federation, he worked long, hard 
>>hours to make his knowledge available to citizens of the 
>>Federation. Maltz, we thank you."
>Qugh QeDpIn ghaH matlh'e'.
>Maltz was Kruges science officer.
>Maltz was the only surviving member of Kruge's crew, taken prisoner 
>by Kirk and company when they seized Kruge's Bird of Prey ("Star 
>Trek III: The Search for Spock").
>According to "Federation linguist" Marc Okrand, Maltz was apparently 
>taken either to a Federation starbase or to Earth, where he became a 
>captive native informant for the Federation linguists assigned to 
>study the Klingon language and create "The Klingon Dictionary". 
>(Whenever Okrand needs time to figure some apparent contradiction 
>out, he says he has to go "consult with Maltz".)
>We can only hope that Maltz was eventually allowed to return to 
>Kronos after the Khitomer Conference ("Star Trek VI: The 
>Undiscovered Country").

:) lutvam vIparHa'qu'.
(very nice story.)

(i remember it.)


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