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Re: Who is Maltz? - TKD

Quvar lab:

>  > HISlaH.
>>  (yes.)
>>  but the german version's cover doesn't have a photo on it.
>Yes, the German dic looks like a "Longman" Dictionary (Langenscheidt).

this similarity is intentional, i presume.

>I hope you're not using that one!!

i buyed it.

>Your english is good enough to use the original english TKD.

i would use it. i even saw it in a videoshop... but why spending 
money if you already have it? but you're right, the german version is 
full of mistakes. anyway.

did you know that there are (or were) tkd-books (at least in german) 
on the net? (don't know where). at least they don't have so many 


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