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Who is Maltz?

Stephan wrote:
 >if Maltz knows... who is Maltz, by the way?

>DaSovbe''a'??  mu'ghom nIv yIlaD!  TKD p.12:
>"Finally, a great deal of credit must be given to the Klingon informant 
>who provided all of the data upon the Dictionary is based. Although a 
>prisoner of the Federation, he worked long, hard hours to make his 
>knowledge available to citizens of the Federation. Maltz, we thank you."

Qugh QeDpIn ghaH matlh'e'.
Maltz was Kruges science officer.

Maltz was the only surviving member of Kruge's crew, taken prisoner by Kirk 
and company when they seized Kruge's Bird of Prey ("Star Trek III: The 
Search for Spock").

According to "Federation linguist" Marc Okrand, Maltz was apparently taken 
either to a Federation starbase or to Earth, where he became a captive 
native informant for the Federation linguists assigned to study the Klingon 
language and create "The Klingon Dictionary".  (Whenever Okrand needs time 
to figure some apparent contradiction out, he says he has to go "consult 
with Maltz".)

We can only hope that Maltz was eventually allowed to return to Kronos 
after the Khitomer Conference ("Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country").

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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