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RE: word-question - stalker

>Stephan asks:
>>>>  > i'd like to know, how do you say "stalker" in klingon?
>Voragh suggested:
>>>Depending on the context consider the verbs {tlha'} "chase, 
>>>follow"; {ghoch} "track, track down"; {nej} "look for, seek, 
>>>search for"; {Sam} "locate, seek, find" and {So'} "hide, conceal".
>>>I suppose {tlha'wI'} "one who chases/follows/pursues" would 
>>>probably be the most general.  Of
>Stephan replies:
>>the context is a russian film called "stalker". this word is never 
>>clearified, so i can only presume that it's meaning is... well 
>>something like "{tlha'} "chase, follow"; {ghoch} "track, track 
>>down"; {nej} "look for, seek, search for"; {Sam} "locate, seek, 
>>find" and {So'} "hide, conceal"". ;)
>nuq 'oH *Russia*ngan Hol per'e'?
>What's the Russian title?
>Kak nazyvaetsya etot fil'm po-russki?

spasibo dlja twajo pomog. (you see, my russian is very bad.)
anyway, the original film title in russian is "stalker" [sic].

>If I knew the Russian title, I'd be able to give better advice.  My 
>Russian dictionary gives the following translation for "stalk":
>  -- v.i. shagat' - Stalk out of the room, demonstativno uyti iz komnaty.
>  -- v.t. 1, (pursue stealthily) vyslezhivat'. 2, (advance grimly across)
>             brodit' po: hunger stalked the land, golod brodil po strane.
>For *shagat'* I would use either {yIt} "walk" or maybe *{yItqu'} 
>"stride".  For *vyslezhivat'* - literally "to follow; trail; track; 
>shadow" - {tlha'}, {ghoch} and {Sam} all work.  I'd use (tlha'wI'} 
>if the person being stalked is in sight, {ghochwI'} or {SamwI'} if 

since there is nothing moving in the movie :), i mean, the stalker 
isn't hunting someone, but searching something carefully, without 
being killed by the anomalies of the "zone" in which he stalks (hey, 
why "stalks" is offensive??). so, it's important that he's hiding and 
walking slowly, carefully, to get to a location that he already 
knows. he isn't tracking, as there is no track to follow. maybe he's 
simply a careful approximer, as to speak. "ghoSwI' yep". in german, 
maybe, i'd say "schleicher", but i have no dictonary here to 
translate it. the verb would be "schleichen". it's a bit difficult, i 
think as there are four languages involved. english, german, klingon 
and the "language" of the film.


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