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Re: introduction

> Hi,
> My name is Gábor Lénárt, and I'm new on this list ...

Welcome to the list.  I am DloraH, currently serving as the list's Beginners' 
Grammarian.  It is my job to help the newbies.

> (currently I know one word 'bathlet' - from the series - but I even
> don't know the correct writing of this word).


> Please give me some advice to learn Klingon (unfortunately we're quite
> poor here in Hungary to order books for several dozens of dollars or
> such). 

Unfortunately, it would be a little hard to learn klingon without at least the 
Klingon Dictionary; and one should also have Klingon For The Galactic Traveler.
Fortunately, these don't cost several dozens of dollars.  (Well, I guess it 
depends on the exchange rate.)  If you can't get the books locally you can 
order them from the KLI.

But we are still happy to help you learn.  This is definitely the right place.

> Another nice question: what sort of Klingon nick (name) should
> I choose? Are Klingon names some meaningfull words in Klingon?

There is a section about this in the FAQ on the KLI website.
Basically your name is up to you.  As far as we know, (most of) the names in 
the shows don't mean anything.  Many fans try to create names that do mean 
something; many just pick a sound that they like; etc.

> Thanx for your time, with the hope that this kind of mails are not
> off-topic and/or unwanted in this list.

Introductions are acceptable.  Then, once you're part of our little family, 
there are two rules:  Write about anything using the klingon language, or use 
another language (english) to discuss only the klingon language.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask.

DloraH, BG

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