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My name is Gábor Lénárt, and I'm new on this list so I've decided to write
some sort of introduction. I would be very happy if I could write it in
Klingon, but I know nothing about the language (yet! I hope). Though I
like StarTrek and even the Klingon "feeling" and speech (currently I know
one word 'bathlet' - from the series - but I even don't know the correct
writing of this world). So I want to learn.

Please give me some advice to learn Klingon (unfortunately we're quite
poor here in Hungary to order books for several dozens of dollars or
such). Another nice question: what sort of Klingon nick (name) should
I choose? Are Klingon names some meaningfull words in Klingon?

Thanx for your time, with the hope that this kind of mails are not off-topic
and/or unwanted in this list.

- Gábor

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