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Re: be "something"

Voragh suggested:
> > BTW, you can also use {-choH} "change in state/direction" with such
> > qualities.  E.g.:
> >
> >    yItamchoH
> >    Be quiet! (Become quiet!) TKD
> >
> >    bIboH.  yIjotchoH!
> >    You're impatient. Calm down! KGT

>I've always felt that using /-choH/ on verbs of quality made them into verbs
>of action.  /jot/ is a quality.  /jotchoH/ is an action.

So is {jotmoH} "calm something, cause something to be calm".  I mentioned 
it as an option to keep in mind when using qualities in the imperative 
which may be more appropriate than (-'eghmoH} depending on the 
circumstances.  E.g.:

   Calm yourself!  Make yourself be calm!

When you talk to the Romulan ambassador take a deep breath, count to ten, 
and force yourself to be calm, no matter what he says.  Don't let him 
provoke you.  (General advice?)

   Calm down!  Become calm!

You're hysterical.  Calm down!  ({-choH} focuses on the change of state and 
is a nice way of implying that you're *not* calm at the moment.)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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