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Re: chay' mu' <jum> vIlo'?

> >> Klingon word:   jum
> >> Part of Speech: verb
> >> Definition:     be odd

> > chay' mu'vetlh vIlo'? jISovbe' jIH.
> > I don't know how to use that word.

>It probably means "be strange," since "be odd (numbered)" would imply
>"be even (numbered)," which doesn't seem to exist.

I agree.  Usually when Okrand translated paired concepts (e.g. man/woman, 
good/bad, large/small, yes/no, black/white, etc.), he translated both at 
the same time.  The fact that he didn't give us a word for "be even" is an 
indication he wasn't thinking in terms of odd/even.

More convincingly, when this very question came up not long ago someone 
pointed out that {jum} is mentioned in "Conversational Klingon" in the 
section on taking a tour and expressing opinions of Klingon sites:

   HoS lIngwI' wIjuS.  'IH, qar'a'?
   We're passing a power generator.  It's beautiful, isn't it?

Qualities on the tape a tourist might want to use were:

   beautiful     'IH
   ugly              moH
   odd               jum
   powerful          HoSghaj
   superior          nIv
   inferior          QIv
   messy         ghIH

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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