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Re: chay' mu' <jum> vIlo'?

From: "Quvar valer" <>
> >Klingon word:   jum
> >Part of Speech: verb
> >Definition:     be odd
> chay' mu'vetlh vIlo'? jISovbe' jIH.
> I don't know how to use that word.

ghaytan <taQ> 'oS.  "be odd-numbered" 'oSchugh, qatlh "be even-numbered"
ghajbe' Hol?

ghaytan "be even-numbered" 'oSbe' <jumHa'>: 'oSchugh, tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom
DIvI' Hol 'ay'Daq lan Okrand.  'a lanbe'.

Hmm.  jum.

Stardate 2499.0

P.S.: It probably means "be strange," since "be odd (numbered)" would imply
"be even (numbered)," which doesn't seem to exist.

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