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RE: Ten Commandments

> >rut chot mu' lo'lu', 'ej pIj mu' lulo'lu'bogh vIqel.  ra'ta' Qun, ghIq
> is there a "lu(')" too much in "lulo'lu'bogh"?

Unspecified subject doing something to them.
mu' is being used as plural.  The plural suffix is optional, and the lu-..-lu' 
tells us it is plural.  (TKD sect 4.2.5)

> nughDajmo', HoHbogh ghaH chotwI''e'.
> (who kills due to his society (because his society tells him to kill) 
> is a murderer.)
> batlhDajmo', HoHbogh ghaH SuvwI''e'.
> (who kills due to his honor (because his honor tells him to kill) is 
> a warrior.)
> not chot SuvwI'. chot mang.
> (a warrior never murders. a soldier does.)

'e' DaHarbej'a'?  Do'Ha'.  SoH nIHoH Daw'chu'qu'wI'pu'  chaq 'e' vIchaw'.

DloraH, BG  (mangghom bu' je)

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