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Re: KLBC -moH [was Re: pIqaD]

> > > qech mughermoH QInmeyvam
> > > KLBC: Have I used [-moH] correctly in the sentence above???
> >
> > Using -moH on a transitive verb is very tricky.  There has been bloodshed
> > over this.  We could probably get away with this one because of what is
> > called "the prefix trick".  With the PT, even tho there is a noun for the
> > object, the prefix points to a first or second person object.
> I thought it meant "These messages cause me to formulate an idea"
> I'm testing my understanding next:
> Is it wrong because to use -moH on transitive verbs because of the way it
> sort of introduces another noun (as in "cause me") into the meaning in the
> attempt to change it from nonsense "These messages formulate an idea"
> > If you want to put a -moH on a transitive verb, recast using multiple
> > sentences.
> So I could say " Due to these messages I formulate an idea" or
> QInmeyvammo'  qech vIgher QInmeyvam

You forgot to take the QInmeyvam off the end.

Here's an example that better shows the problem,

targh HoH loDHom  "the boy kills the targh."

Subject - The boy
Verb - kill
Object - the targh

"The emperor causes the boy to kill the targh."

Subject - The subject is now the emperor.
Verb - cause to kill
Object - the boy.
How do we get the targh in there?

Instead we should do stuff like:
(depending on the intended meaning you want)

targh HoH loDHom 'e' qaSmoH ta'
ta'mo' targh HoH loDHom
ta'vaD targh HoH loDHom
loDHom ra' ta'.  targh HoH loDHom
loDHom ra'mo' ta', targh HoH loDHom
and more.

So we can certainly still communicate.

DloraH, BG

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