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RE: Sentence that needs help translating properly.

> Original Sentence:
> :)Kirklin seeks to make a name for himself, in the scientific world.
> Translation:
> :)Subject: Kirklin
> :)verbs: seek & make = nej & make

First choice for "make" is chenmoH "cause to take form", but it doesn't
sound like you're talking about actually constructing a name.  It looks like
you're refering more to one's reputation.
Another choice is cher "establish".

> :)object: himself =
> :)not sure: scientific = QeD
> :)not sure: (world) planet = yuQ

"scientific world" isn't refering to this big round rock we're standing on,
floating through space.  Always remember about the addendum; "world, realm
(n)" - qo'

The sentence looks like he's gain a positive reputation, or in a klingon
mindset, honor.

"Seek" here isn't the same as opening your eye, looking around, looking
under the table; nope, my name isn't under there.  This could also be
written as "He hopes to make a name..." or "He wishes to make a name..." or
"He tries to make a name...".  Depending on exactly what you what it to mean
effects which klingon word we choose.

quv baj neH - He wants to earn honor
quv baj 'e' nID - He is attemping to earn honor
quv baj 'e' tul - He hopes to earn honor
quv cher 'e' tul - He hopes to establish honor

Or instead of playing with baj, cher, and whatever else, we can use quv as a
quv 'e' tul - He hopes to be honored.

"in the scientific world"; you shouldn't use -Daq because this isn't a
physical place.  Perhaps:
QeD qo'vaD  quv 'e' tul

I'm half asleep.  Let's see what others come up with...

DloraH, BG

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