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Re: KLBC: chay' mu'meyvam lo'lu'?

jatlh voragh:
> {bup} is not attested in canon.  I would use {mev} "stop, cease" which is 
> attested in canon, usually as part of a SAO with {'e'}.

vaj jIQaghlaw'pu'.  For some reason I had marked {mev} intransitive in my 
TKD.  Or is it one of these verbs of variable transivity, like {So'}?  Can 
you say {jImev} "I stopped", or {jImev'egh} "I stopped myself", or both?

> This one's may be a problem.  None of the examples of {pegh} "keep something
> secret, be secret, classified" I know of take an object:

Okay.  Perhaps the verb to use would be {So'}:

{jIrop 'e' vISo'}  "I kept it a secret that I was sick."


> We also have the verb {buv} "classify".

Could you clarify the usage of this verb too?  I thought it was "classify" 
like "Linnaeus classified the world's species", not like "I couldn't get the 
government records because they were classified".

> 'ej:  Holvam vIghojtaHmo' jISey.  jIDubtaH 'e' vISov.  batlh tuQaHtaH.
> I also wanted to say that I'm excited to be learning this language.  I
> think I'm improving. 

jatlh DloraH:
> The klingon says "I know I'm improving". 
> The english says "I think I'm improving"; ... 'e' vIQub.

Oops.  How ironic.  ;P


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