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Sentence that needs help translating properly.

I thought I would try & send in a few sentences that I
have been translating.  If I could not find the word I
will leave it in English.  Hopefully if I make a
mistake ya'll will help me correct it.  Thanks, T'Anna

Original Sentence:
:)Kirklin seeks to make a name for himself, in the
scientific world.

(now this is a challenge.  This is probaly beyond what
you have taught me, So I may make some mistakes. 
Instead of doing the proper way to write this, I am
going to translate this & write how I think it should
be written.)
:)Subject: Kirklin
:)verbs: seek & make = nej & make
:)object: himself = 
:)not sure: scientific = QeD
:)not sure: (world) planet = yuQ
If there is a word for world, I'd appreciate the help.

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