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Re: KLBC: chay' mu'meyvam lo'lu'?

We'll probably need Voragh's help here showing us any canon usage.  I believe 
these have not been used.

> {ngIl} "to dare"
> Is this used with 'e', or what?
> {vIHarlaHbe'!  ta' qIp puqvetlh 'e' ngIl puq!}  "I can't believe it! 
> That child dared to hit the emperor!"

This is how I would probably use it.  But without canon, I wouldn't use it in 
any offical manner.

> {bup} "to quit"
> {jIvum 'e' vIbup}  "I quit working."  Is that correct?  Does it just mean "I 
> stopped working", or does it have a connotation more like the English
> word 'quit': "I worked for a time, and now I've stopped for good"?

We do have mev which would be used for "I stopped working", so I would guess 
this would be for good; like a little kid, "I don't want to do this anymore!  I 
quit!", and stomps out of the room.

Again, I don't recall any canon for this.

> {raD} "to force"
> Again, is this used with 'e'?
> {vum 'e' vIraD}  "I forced him to work."

This is how I would use it.

> {pegh} "to keep something secret"
> Does this take an object, or is it more like "to be secretive"?  If it
> is transitive, can the object be a fact?  A thing?  An action?
> {ngoD vIpegh}  "I kept the fact a secret."
> {ghu vIpegh}  "I kept the baby a secret."
> {jIrop 'e' vIpegh}  "I kept it a secret that I was sick."
> Are any of those correct?

I know we have canon for the noun pegh, I'm not sure if we have canon for the 
verb.  The three examples you give, that's how I would use it.

> 'ej:  Holvam vIghojtaHmo' jISey.  jIDubtaH 'e' vISov.  batlh tuQaHtaH.
> I also wanted to say that I'm excited to be learning this language.  I
> think I'm improving. 

The klingon says "I know I'm improving". 
The english says "I think I'm improving"; ... 'e' vIQub.

> I greatly appreciate the help you all are giving.

We also benefit from helping you.  This gives us someone to talk to.   :)

DloraH, BG

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