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Re: Klingon chat rooms?

At 11:23 AM -0500 1/27/02, Alan Anderson wrote:
>ja' taD:
>>With the MUSH, you
>>would have to go to the same virtual room as the person, which wasn't easy
>>to find if you were just a beginner. The MUSH seemed fine if you were
>>familiar with MUSHes already, but for people whose only interest in it was
>>using tlhIngan Hol, it seemed overly complex and intimidating to me.

>We do need to map out an appropriate structure to address this.

May I suggest the communicator?  If you use this analogy you can talk to
anyone from anywhere, and if you need to "meet", they can give you
directions (in tlhingan Hol of course) on how to get there.  And/or you
could have computer guides too, perhaps taking a little time to discuss
where you're going and what's along the way instead of just transporting
you to the room with the person you want to talk to.
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