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Re: Klingon chat rooms?

ja' taD:
>In the past, I used the MUSH a little before it stopped working. Although it
>served the purpose of a tlhIngan Hol chat in real time, to me it seemed
>somewhat complicated for such a simple task.

The MUSH served several purposes.  A meeting place for realtime chat was
only the most superficial reason.  It was also there to be explored or
extended even when nobody else was connected.  The Klingon descriptions of
the environment gave a useful sample for people to read.  Some of the
programmed objects reacted to commands in Klingon and gave appropriate
responses.  There were also a few rooms with rudimentary interactive
instruction.  And true roleplaying-style interaction is a fantastic way to
"get into" the language -- which is a lot easier in a MUSH environment
where there are descriptions and "props" and easily-posed actions rather
than just party-line-style chat.

>In my opinion, a good tlhIngan
>Hol chat program would just need to show the name of the people who are
>online, and let you type what you want to say to them.

IRC works that way.

>With the MUSH, you
>would have to go to the same virtual room as the person, which wasn't easy
>to find if you were just a beginner. The MUSH seemed fine if you were
>familiar with MUSHes already, but for people whose only interest in it was
>using tlhIngan Hol, it seemed overly complex and intimidating to me.

We do need to map out an appropriate structure to address this.

>Another suggestion, if you can't find Klingon speakers online (or you want
>to go to the "next level" of real time chat), would be to host your own
>qepHom, or attend the qep'a'.

bIqeSchu'.  We need to stress something here -- qep'a' isn't just for
people who already speak Klingon.  It's an event for people of all skill
levels, including total beginners who just barely know how to look things
up in the dictionary.  A few days among others who share a similar twisted
passion for the language is a *tremendous* inspiration, and even a complete
newcomer will find plenty of people willing to help him or her with the

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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