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vocabulary (was: RE: qepHom, qep, qep'a')

> Maybe we should have a levelling game sometime where we progressively ban
> words and affixes from the vocabulary and try and work around
> their lack to describe flashcards.  Beginners get to use the
> whole vocabulary, but other
> speakers can't use words beginning in a randomly chosen letter.  For the
> more advanced, every time you screw up, you lose another letter, until
> you've got one letter left and are grunting in clipped Klingon.
> That could be funny, giving the beginners a chance to talk rings
> around the BGs for once.

Oh, I like this.  The individual could pick a Scrabble chip out of the bag;
that is the letter he looses.

Unfortunately I don't see myself lasting very long.


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