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RE: KLBC: T'Anna/ nu translation

--- TPO <> wrote:
> > > Now I want you to translate "The boy picks up
> the knife."
> >
> > traanslation (hopefully): taj woH loDHom.
> majQa'.  Very good.
> Now let's add a little more to it.  A "time stamp". 
> Time stamps go at the
> beginning of the sentence.  Examples:
> wa'Hu' taj woH loDHom.  "Yesturday the boy picked up
> the knife."
> ram Qong loDHom.  "At night the boy sleeps."
> Now you try "Two days from now the boy will visit
> the embassy."
TRANSLATION (agaain hopefully): cha' jajpu' vo' DaH
Duy such loDHum.

I'm not sure how to connect hyphenated words, & where
to connect them.  Also, what is the difference between
Duy & 'oSwI?  I found these two words for embassy.
Which word would I use, & when would I use them?
> It looks like a lot, but it's not much different
> than what we've done here.
> DloraH, BG

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