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RE: Klingon dialects

--- TPO <> wrote:
> > True, but how much has "Enterprise" followed what
> has
> > been already stated in the past 30 years of Star
> Trek.
> >  & I'm talking canon, not non-canon.  "Enterprise"
> has
> > gone so way off track its pathetic,
> jIQochbe', 'ach wa' Hogh ret  DuH vItlhoj.  chaq
> qaSpa' Soch DIS  qun mojHa'
> poHvam  qaSmoH wanI' taQ.  qar qun chu'.  qun
> choHmoHbogh noH'e' yIqaw.
> I agree, but last week I realized a possibility. 
> Perhaps sometime over the
> next seven years an anomaly will change this time
> line.  The new history
> will be accurate.  Remember the "temporal cold war".
> Do you think that the "temporal cold war," is the
cause behind what is going on, *on* "Enterprise"?  If
so I hope you are right.  Right now, "Enterprise" is
so way off base they need help.    
> DloraH

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