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Re: Klingonase vs. tlhIngan Hol

The argument over whether Ford's words are canon is moot when the question asked
was if Klingonaase is a language. There are Klingonaase jargon from a story. But
there is no Klingonaase language. One could use a Klingonaase word in another
language, like Ford did when he wrote his book in English. In the context of
sci-fi literature we refer to it as a language when semantically it is not.
tlhIngan Hol, on the other hand, is a real language outside of the meta-world of
Klingon fiction and role playing.
Even if it was Marc Okrand who says, "The Klingon officer picked up his betleH
and killed the Ferengi", he's not speaking tlhIngan Hol.
He's using English with one tlhIngan word and two (R) Paramount words.
consider if he said  <verengan HoHta' tlhIngan yaS. betleHDaj lo'pu'.>
vaj tlhIngan Holna' lo' ghaH.


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