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RE: ? about a word.

Oh, thank you so much.  I had forgotten how they had
said "Enterprise" in Klingon.  I must say I have
actually enjoyed the thought process that went into
trying to give me a Klingon name for our ship I have
copied the names suggested & will present them to our
club.  Our chief engineer, who brought our shuttle
craft (Schroedinger's Cat) aboard, may certainly be
interested in some of the names brought forth by you
folks.  Thank you for the assistance.  Any more
suggestions are still welcome.
--- Stauffer Tad <> wrote:
> Qov:
> > "Schrodinger's Cat"  qel. QubmeH SengHom noy 'oH.
> DloraH:
> Dochvam vISovbe'.
> tej jIHbe', 'ach vIqaw 'ej vIDel 'e' vIHech:
> tej ghaH Schrödinger'e'. 'otlh QeD DaSovchugh, chaq
> latlh tej DaSov je:
> Heisenberg. jatlhlaw' Heisenberg:
> <<'otlhHey (subatomic particle?) DaHotlhpa',
> Dotlhna'Daj (lurgh, Daq, Do,
> etc.) DaSovlaHbe'. ngugh Dotlhna' tu'lu'be'. quqlaw'
> Hoch Dotlh DuH.
> 'a 'otlhHey DaHotlhDI', chenchoH wa' Dotlhna'.>>
> ngervammo', ja'law' Schrödinger:
> <<chay' quqlaH Hoch Dotlh DuH jay'??
> ngaSwI'Daq vIghro' vIlanchugh, 'ej ngaSwI'vamDaq 50
> vatlhvI' tar*
> vIlanchugh, ngaSwI'vam Dotlh vIHotlhpa', quq'a'
> Heghbogh vIghro', yInbogh
> vIghro' je jay'??>>
> * Poison that is lethal 50% of the time - this is a
> simplified tlhIngan Hol
> version. :-P
> vaj ngervam taQ 'oS {Schrödinger's Cat} - quqlaHlaw'
> Hegh yIn je, Dotlh
> tu'pa' ghot.
> As for the translation of the ship name, remember
> that "Enterprise" in
> Klingon became simply {'entepray'}.
> So perhaps Federation ship names are just
> transliterated into Klingon -
> maybe they'd use something that sounds like
> "Schrödinger's Cat", such as
> *{So'DInger qat}.
> Or, if the Klingons are familiar with this thought
> experiment, they may
> describe the ship by referring to it by the phrases
> that have already been
> suggested on the list.
> - taD

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